• Tub to Shower

    Shower to Tub

    Convert Bath to Shower

    Is your bathroom dated, with discolored grout and drab colors reminiscent of decades past? Simply replacing your tub with a shower would give your bathroom a fresh look.

    Bathtub-to-shower conversion is popular with many families. The new look of your conversion can add value to your home. 

    Walk-in showers are a safer alternative to climbing into a traditional bathtub. The Preston Bathroom Remodelers can offer you the remodel you want. We provide you with a range and style of showers that will undoubtedly appeal to your taste and be within your budget.

    Your new shower will withstand the test of time. Here are a couple of things that about the materials we use. Our acrylic showers resist chipping, cracking, mold, and mildew growth. Harsh scrubbing will be a thing of the past, for our showers are low maintenance.

    Call Preston Bathroom Remodeling at 314-916-3001 to speak with a representative about your bathroom remodeling project. The call is FREE! We are looking forward to serving you.

    Convert a tub to a shower in one day.
    Replace you shower with a tub in one day.

    Convert a Shower To a Bathtub

    Are you tired of your old-dated shower and want to change to a uniquely styled tub? Maybe you long to soak in a beautiful tub designed by Preston Bathroom Remodelers. We will give you the tub of your dreams.

    Today's bathtubs don’t look like the ones your grandparents had. The new styles will blow you away. Our top-quality bathtubs have a brand-new look.

    Our design teams will draw out the placement of your new tub. You will know before we start exactly how much your remodel will be. Our quality installers will do your conversion on time and within budget. We can start planning your dream conversion when you call us at 314-916-3001.