• Walk-In Tubs

    Consider a Walk-In Tub for Safety Reasons

    Walk-in Bathtub

    Do you have limited mobility, making it difficult to climb into your bathtub? For some, being unable to step into their bathtub may threaten their independence. Preston Bathroom Remodeling designers and installers do not what you to be stressed over it.

    The answer to your situation is to have us install a Walk-In-Tub. We will remove your old tub and install your new safe walk-in tub. This will help you to have peace of mind. We want you to be free from worry.

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    Walk-In Tub Installation

    Your new walk-in tub will fit in the same space as your existing tub or shower. There are a variety of styles to choose from. All the walk-in-tubs we offer are low maintenance and mold and mildew resistant. We will provide a walk-in tub to address your health concerns and needs. To get your free estimate on your bathroom conversion, call NOW at 314-916-3001. Our representative will help you.